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The Voice is described as:

 sound produced by a human being using the vocal tract

 an instrument or medium of communication

 wish, choice, or opinion

right of expression

 influential power

Are you looking to unlock your voice?

Are you looking to express what's inside and express joy and freedom?

Are you a teacher needing help in maintaining good vocal health?

Would you like to improve your public speaking and use any stage fright and nerves to help your performance?

Do you have insecurities about singing but know deep down that we are all singers and can all let our voices soar and express harmony and beauty?


How can I help you?

I love working with my voice, but more than that, I love working with people and helping them unlock their voices and communicate what they have in their heart.

I help individuals on a 1:1 basis and also in small groups to work with their voices, through specific exercises. We'll work with the breath, develop strength in the body to create the support the breath needs to produce sound. I'll help you understand how to safely work with the voice so as to maintain good vocal health. I am a trained Heart Intelligence coach and part of unlocking the voice is understanding our limiting self-beliefs, reconnecting with our heart and developing Emotional Self-Mastery. Our voice is a mirror of what we're feeling inside and can either hinder or enhance our public speaking or singing. We'll work on releasing inner musicality, improv and spontaneous creativity. I can help you understand music theory needed to support you on this journey in song creation and also help with the writing process of lyrics.


Are you curious to see what is inside of you waiting to shine?


Request your free 30-minute discovery call

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