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Workshops and Retreats I hold space for. Check back here soon for dates and more details.  

Vocal Improv Workshop

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"So happy to have Sonia showing me how to let my voice shine!"
- Andrea Ginova

This is a fun and inspiring workshop is for anyone wishing to embrace the exhilarating joy of improvisation and spontaneous creativity! 


We warm up using classic vocal techniques, continuing the journey of unlocking our voices. Inspired by jazz and blues, the second half of this workshop focuses on unlocking our divinely gifted inner creativity. We are creative beings and have an innate ability to bring music into being through spontaneous improvisation.

Learn the Craft, explore our Musicality & let the Magic come into being. 

 Going Deep & Soaring High!

 This is a fun and inspiring workshop is for anyone wishing to explore their range and depth of their vocal ability.


Many of us are intimated by singing high notes, limiting ourselves to singing where we are comfortable. But do you have a secret desire to let your voice soar and see where you can fly with it? Do you find that you're often forcing out high notes, over-stretching your voice? 

Using classic vocal exercises in a fun & safe setting, we'll explore expanding our voices, the importance of listening and the power of singing in harmony.

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"Sonia’s workshop was thrilling for me. It was so exciting to test out my voice doing things it had never done and revealing its true power."

- Emma Relph

Heart Singing

"I will be always grateful for those magical moments when I could finally hear my own voice, expressing truly who I am!"

- Evi Kormos

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 "I can't sing. I'm not a musician. I wish I could, but..."

All too often, the stories we tell ourselves limit what our heart truly would love to do - and knows it can!

This powerful workshop uses a blend of Heart Intelligence techniques of meditation & connecting with our emotions, holding space & deep listening to help us move beyond our limiting self beliefs.


Interspersed with carefully chosen medicine songs that we'll learn together, this workshop is for anyone wanting to hear the song of their heart. There's also the extra opportunity to create your own mantra to sing your new beliefs into existence!

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