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The Voice is described as:

 sound produced by a human being using the vocal tract

 an instrument or medium of communication

 wish, choice, or opinion

right of expression

 influential power


What does The Voice mean to me?

Essentially, to me, it’s an expression of who we are and the instrument we use to convey what we think and how we feel.


I have been lucky to enjoy a rich and varied life: my multicultural background (French mother, Armenian father) has since birth opened doors to me to new worlds, and new languages. I was brought up bilingual English and French and at a young age added a third language: music. I was torn as to what to study at university, between my love for music and my fascination of languages, I opted for the latter, and opened the door to the language of passion: Italian. I've worked in numerous fields: from teaching, translating and working with languages, guiding, music and theatre and of course, voiceovers.


At times I have wondered what unites all of my worlds. I have finally found the answer:

The voice.


Whether it’s to convey a message in a lesson, a song, a presentation or in a recording, my desire to communicate using The Voice has always been in me.


What’s in it for you?

I love working with my voice, but more than that, I love working with people and helping communicate the ideas they have.

So, I want to understand what you want to convey using my voice.

Are you looking for someone organised yet flexible to help you achieve the vocal image you have in mind?

In my work and life experience in numerous countries I have been consistently praised for my excellent interpersonal awareness and communication skills, and quite simply the ease of working with a professional who will get the job done at a high standard and in good time.

Do you need someone who can work well under pressure in an effective manner? Someone who is pragmatic and organized, yet highly creative and enjoys a good challenge?

Balancing numerous careers has meant I’ve had to develop certain skills: My work approach has been described as efficient, pragmatic and able to work under pressure in an effective manner, all the while keeping it fun and always with a smile on my face, because I love what I do.

Do you want someone with a great eye for detail?

Look no further (excuse the pun, couldn’t resist). If you have a story you would like me to help you tell, get in touch for a free consultation or custom demo.

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