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As a coach and musician, my mission and vision is to help people live more heart-centered lives, have better communication, relationships and ultimately live more loving and fulfilling lives. I help people of all walks of life who are struggling to express themselves freely due to emotional and psychological blocks. I also help people to unlock their voice, their inner creativity and musicality. I am here to bring joy, emotional self-mastery, empowerment and freedom. The power and choice is yours as to what journey to embark on – I am here to help you find what is already within you that is just waiting to blossom!


Andrea, Portugal

(1:1 Vocal Coaching)

"I feel taken seriously and held by Sonia. She gives clear instructions and enough space to unfold and even takes me out of my comfort zone, introducing me to places I didn’t dare to go. Her classes are creative, spontaneous and fun! One of our lessons was held in a bathroom to understand the resonance of our voices.

So happy to have Sonia showing me how to let my voice shine!"

Evi Kormos, Portugal

(1:1 Vocal Coaching)

"Singing with Sonia is always the highlight of my week. It is much more then just singing! Through working with the voice I get to know parts of me I didn't have access to before, & the way Sonia shares her knowledge is so much fun! She is creative, super sensitive & knowledgable, not just what concerns the techniques of singing but also how it can affect emotions & states of mind. She is a wise friend & guide on this journey where limitations are questioned, boundaries are broken & I can realize how much potential I have in my voice. And all this through very simple and entertaining exercises. 

Sonia is such an inspiring person, very authentic in her ways of expression and methods, not to mention she is an amazing singer herself! I always feel seen, heard and held by her. I will be always grateful for those magical moments when I could finally hear my own voice, expressing truly who I am! Thank you, Sonia!"

Emma, Portugal

(Vocal Workshop)

"Sonia’s workshop was thrilling for me. It was so exciting to test out my voice doing things it had never done and revealing its true power. The way Sonia worked with the group was delightful and there was a lot of laughter. She has a way of eliciting full participation from people as she is so kind and so encouraging. I have continued using the techniques she taught to refine and extend my vocal range and I find myself hoping I can do another workshop with her soon!"

Rocio Toscano, Spain

(Meditation Session)

I have had the chance to experience a meditation guided by Sonia. I could discover my heart. Every day I repeat the easy steps that she suggested. A meditation that lets you feel and hear your own heart. Thank you!


Elias Malassidis, Greece

Music Programmer

(Voice recording)

We worked with Sonia Ter Hovanessian on various projects. Besides being absolutely thrilled with the outcome, the collaboration was smooth and working with Sonia was a real pleasure. Her great voice, along with her punctuality, attention to detail, and overall professionalism makes her an absolute go-to when it comes to voice overs and singing.

Isabel Sivadjian, California

(Leadership mastery group)

Through a leadership mastery group that I belong to I had the pleasure of listening to Sonia’s music & was truly blown away by her talent as a vocalist & songwriter. Not only is she  incredibly gifted musically, but she also brings a sense of healing & uplifting energy to her performances. Her music soothes the soul & creates a powerful & transformative atmosphere for personal growth & healing.

 I highly recommend Sonia for anyone seeking to deepen their spiritual practice & find healing through music & community.

On Sonia as a singer:

"Sonia's voice is like chocolate velvet"

"She sings like an angel"

"Such a healing voice"

Oliver Gascoyne, UK

(Vocal Workshop)

Sonia is bringing playful exercises to make us understand the use of correct breathing and relaxed posture.

Although we were a group of 6 participants, I didn’t have the feeling that I didn’t get enough out of the workshop. It actually was inspiring to witness the improvements of every single person through little adjustments that Sonia made and I believe I learned through observing and listening, too. We were laughing a lot and got to harmonize our voices in the end, which was a very special experience for all of us. Looking forward to a next session!

On Sonia as a songwriter:

"Sonia's music is so mysteriously beautiful"

"From the depths of the ocean... so beautiful"

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